Student examining an agarose plate

Student Spotlights

Joey Corstvet

"There are three reasons I got involved. The first was the desire to gain experience in a research setting. The second reason was to fulfill the lab credits needed to graduate, while the third reason was to boost my resume."

Stephen Early

"Resilience is key. Getting started on a research project will surely involve a lot of failure and experiments that don’t go as planned, but learning about how to get back on your feet, learning from these failures, and using them as touch points is what will be the most impactful part of the research process."

Brian Ferrer

"Of course you want the reaction to work the way you're expecting, but sometimes an unexpected reaction could be just as valuable. A lot of great discoveries in history happened by accident, so it's not necessarily a bad thing when you do an experiment that produces unexpected results. "

Eleanor Landwehr

"I love the idea of doing new things that no one else has ever done, and continually building on my knowledge."