Chem 260

Chem 260 is the Intro to Research course within the Department of Chemistry.

 It is offered for 1-credit in both in the Fall and Spring and is designed to complement independent research experience(s).

During this course, students will be introduced to:
  • various skills needed to succeed in research, including best-practices to finding a research mentor
  • the roles and responsibilities of a researcher
  • how to critically read and analyze written and verbal scientific papers and talks
  • how to develop relationships that make for a successful research experience
  • how to communicate and conduct ethical research
Student pipetting to weigh material on a scale

This is a highly interactive class where students will be required to share their research experiences with their classmates to obtain invaluable feedback on their progress as a scientist. This course is designed to be taken concurrently with 1-3 independent research credits (e.g. Chem 299) with a research mentor; however, any student that is preparing to get involved in research within the next year is invited to enroll.