Research Authorization Form

The Research Authorization Form must be completed by ALL undergraduate students who are conducting research in the Department of Chemistry, regardless if you plan to volunteer, be paid, or obtain credit.

Please complete the form below AFTER you find a research group, but BEFORE you start conducting research in the laboratory. A new form must be completed and submitted before the Add deadline for any given semester, for all new and current undergraduate researchers.

Please visit the Office of the Registrar’s Dates & Deadlines page to confirm the course enrollment deadlines for the semester.

1. Download and Complete the Research Authorization Form

Fall, Spring, and Summer Semester Research Authorization Form

Deadline for Summer 2024 (includes 8 week summer term): June 12, 2024 at 1pm

Deadline for Fall 2024: September 11, 2024 at 1pm

Undergraduate Chemistry Research Authorization Form (Word)

Undergraduate Chemistry Research Authorization Form (Adobe PDF)

Winter Research Authorization Form 

For any research activity between December 11, 2024-January 21, 2025

Undergraduate Chemistry Research Authorization Form Winter (Word)

Undergraduate Chemistry Research Authorization Form Winter (Adobe PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why was my research authorization form not approved?

Please check your research authorization form for the following:

  • All fields are filled out legibly
  • Selected a course with desired number of credits hours and semester information
  • Included professor’s, mentor’s, and lab’s chemical safety officer information
  • Listed clear weekly dates and times that equals the number of hours required per week
  • Listed the correct start and end date (start date is the first day of the semester and end date is the last day of the semester).
  • Write a clear project description that includes the chemistry that you will study or use in your research
  • Get a physical signature from your research professor and mentor

FOR RETURNING RESEARCHERS ONLY: Please make sure you have completed safety training. Your enrollment will be delayed until it is completed.

Why have I not received permission to enroll yet?

Please allow at least 2 days for the Office of Undergraduate Research to review your form. Once your form is approved, it will be sent to the Undergraduate Chemistry office, who will send you an email with directions to enroll.