Research for Academic Credit

Every chemistry major must complete 3 credits of additional laboratory work.  To fulfill this requirement, students can choose from:

  • CHEM 346 Intermediate Organic Laboratory
  • CHEM 512 Advanced Synthesis and Laboratory Techniques
  • CHEM 524 Chemical Instrumentation (3 credits, 1 credit counts for additional lab work)
  • CHEM 681/682 Senior Honors Thesis
  • CHEM 691, 692 Senior Thesis
  • CHEM 699 Directed Study
  • Biochemistry research courses (681/682, 691,692, and 699), and CBE 599 are also accepted.

To enroll in any of the directed study courses below, you must first find a research advisor who will sponsor you to work in his or her lab for the semester. Together, the professor and the student will agree on a study plan and determine the number of credits to be earned. Finally, you must complete a Chemistry Research Authorization Form and submit it online.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I enroll in research credit?

Follow the following steps to get permissions to enroll in research credit:

  1. Complete the Research Authorization form
  2. Submit it to the Office of Undergraduate Research.
  3. Please allow at least 2 days for your form to be reviewed. Once your form is approved, it will be sent to the Undergraduate Chemistry office, who will send you an email with directions to enroll.

For more detailed enrollment instructions, please read this PDF guide.

How many credit hours should I enroll in?

1 credit hour of research equals about 3-4 hours of research per week, or 45-60 hours per semester (15 weeks per semester).

Please note that if you enroll in research after the Add deadline, you must make up for the lost time to meet the required hours per semester.

Can I change the number of research credits that I am enrolled in?

You can change the number of research credits that you are enrolled in by yourself up until the Add deadline. Please click here for more detailed instructions.

If it is after the Add deadline, please contact the Office of Chemistry Undergraduate Research for further assistance.