Poster Session

The Department of Chemistry Annual Undergraduate Research Poster Session

The Undergraduate Research Poster Session is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your research to your fellow students and to the chemistry faculty and staff.  The event occurs annually at the end of April following the departmental awards ceremony.  All students participating in research, whether just starting out or with years of experience, are encouraged to participate!  This is a great chance to experience making a poster and presenting it to a friendly and supportive audience.

The 2023 Poster Session will be held on April 21st from 4:30 – 6:30 pm in the North Tower Atrium. Dinner for all presenters will be provided in addition to snacks for guests. Presenters can enter the poster award competition with monetary prizes for the best posters selected by a panel of judges. All presenters will also have a chance to win the remaining monetary prizes through a lottery system.

Student presents poster to post-doc poster judge

Previous Poster Session Award Winners

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Prizes awarded from a lottery system.

Cade Harkner ( Prof. Aaron Hoskins)

Aadhishre Kasat (Prof. Andrew Buller)

Elise Burkhartzmeyer (Prof. Alexander Sherwood)

Casey Winter (Prof. Zach Wickens)

Guy Pillon  (Prof. Tehshik Yoon)


Anna Allen (mentors: Valeria Guzman-Luna, Andrew Fuchs, and Prof. Silvia Cavagnero)

Jasmine Machhi (mentors: Miranda Mecha and Prof. Silvia Cavagnero)

Deseree Dufek (mentors: Adam Kleman and Prof. Sam Gellman)

Dylan Snider (mentors: Xianyuan Zhao and Prof. Gil Nathanson)

Xi Chen (mentors: Rachel Hutchinson, Ningkun Zhou and Prof. Silvia Cavagnero)

Honorable mention:

Erin McCann (mentors: Xin Yao, Yue Gui, Prof. Lian Yu)

Kevin England (mentors: Justin Dang, Siyu Li, Valeria Guzman-Luna, Prof. Silvia Cavagnero)


Grace Carlson, Junior chemistry major, Buller group

Kevin England, Junior conservation biology and microbiology double major, Cavagnero group

Erin McCann, Sophomore biochemistry major, Yu group

Samantha Ausman, Junior chemistry major, Dumesic group

Aadhishre Kasat, Sophomore biochemistry major, Buller group

Honorable mention:

Nicholas Juntunen, Sophomore chemistry major, Brunold group

Xinyu Ye, Senior chemistry and Pharmacology & Toxicology double major, Gellman group


Kaylin Flesch (Stahl Group)

Stephen Halada and Artun Kadaster (Record Group)

Wenqi Shen (Blackwell Group)

Kaining Mao (Stahl Group)

Helena Pliska (Nathanson Group)

Natalie Feider (Cavagnero Group)


Tess Carlson (Cavagnero Group)

Rezwana Karim (Record Group)

Hawa Keita (Yoon Group)

Yoo Jin Song (Cavagnero Group)

Jennifer Sowin (Stahl Group)

Honorable Mention:  Ethan Young (Hermans Group)


Lucas Oxtoby (Schomaker lab)

Zach Heim (McMahon Lab)

Sam Rider (Weisshaar Lab)

Yoo Jin Song (Cavagnero Lab)

Mengzhou Hu (Li Lab)


Alexander Peterson Chartier

 Zachary Heim

Clare Kai Cimperman

Kunal Dani

Natasha Cornejo

 LuLu Callies

Students present posters to staff and faculty

Poster Session Details for Presenters

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Abstract Submission Form

Link to 2023 Abstract Submission Form

Link to 2023 Abstract Template

Abstracts are due by 5 pm, Friday, April 10th, 2023!

Note: You must log in with your account to access the google form. 

Poster Design

Talk with your mentor about a poster template or request one from our office (  If you would like poster design feedback before the symposium from someone outside your lab, feel free to drop by office hours with the Chemistry Undergraduate Research Office.

More information about how to make an effective poster can be found at the following links:

Poster Size

The easels that will be provided accommodate a 4 ft by 4 ft poster.  If you are using a poster from a previous symposium that is larger than this, let me know–we’ll try to accommodate you as best we can.  If you are making a new poster, a 4 ft across by 3 ft long poster is typically a good size to aim for.  I will have thumb tacks at the session for you to use.

If you are attending the departmental awards ceremony…

If you are  attending the departmental awards ceremony, please drop off your poster to the Undergrad Research Office (Chem 8442) before the awards ceremony so it can be hung up for you.

Arrival Time

Please plan to arrive in the half hour window before the poster session begins.  The easels will have numbers corresponding to your number in the program, please set up your poster at the appropriate easel.

Student presents poster to a professor