Joey Corstvet

"There are three reasons I got involved. The first was the desire to gain experience in a research setting. The second reason was to fulfill the lab credits needed to graduate, while the third reason was to boost my resume."

student with lab glasses looking at data on a computer

Hometown: New Berlin, WI

Major(s): Chemistry

Current Research Group: Hamers


What is your favorite part about research?

My favorite part is knowing that no one else has answered the questions that I am attempting to answer while potentially being the first person in the scientific community to find the answer to that question.

What has been the scariest/most challenging part about research?

The tests I perform fail about 95% of the time, occasionally leading to frustration and a feeling of wasted time.

What advice to you have for prospective undergraduate researchers?

Be honest with yourself about what really interests you and follow that interest when looking at possible research opportunities.