Diana Alexandra Morales Mijares

"The path you take may not be the one you’ve originally chosen, but it feels good to embark on an unexpected journey with better beginnings."

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major(s): Neurobiology and Genetics

Current Research Group: Blackwell


What are your plans after graduation?

Prior to joining the Blackwell lab, I was determined to go to medical school. However, after having first-hand experience in the lab I can’t see research not being part of my future.  While medical school is still the end destination, research has now too become part of that objective How exactly? I’m not for certain, however, the in near future research is the path I will continue take.

Why did you get involved in research?

Initially research was a way for me to connect course material to its real-world applications, more specifically, to find meaning to what is we are learning. Now I am curious to see how my learning has taken root and I am now able to apply what I’ve learned and engage in new discoveries.

Briefly describe your favorite part about research

On a more universal view, having the opportunity to learn more than what has already been made available. To be able to make our own, if not new discoveries, then expand our knowledge as learning is infinite. On a more technical note, I love learning from my own mistakes, while initially it is terrifying to have messed-up in the lab, it sets a precedent for the future now knowing this is a mistake I know to avoid or who knows it could be a happy accident and pave the way to an otherwise unknown realization.