Undergraduate Supergroup

The Chemistry Undergraduate Supergroup Meetings are hosted by the Chemistry Undergraduate Research Office and the Chemistry Undergraduate Research Board (CURB).  Any student interested in research in the chemical sciences is highly encouraged to attend!  You do not need to be currently conducting research to check out the sessions. This is a fantastic way to learn new skills related to research, increase exposure to various research career paths, and to network with other peers also interested in chemistry.

Upcoming events:

Thursday, December 14th: Cocoa and Cram

Come grab some hot cocoa and cookies and study with other researchers and chem majors! This event will be held from 11-4 at the Learning Studio.

Previous events this semester:

Friday, September 29th: Chemistry Trivia!

Meet fellow undergraduate researchers while enjoying pizza and a fun game of chemistry-themed jeopardy-style trivia.

Tuesday, October 17th: Applying for summer internships and research opportunities

Learn about REUs (Summer Research Experience for Unergrads) and internships.

Tuesday, November 7th: Intro to Research

Tuesday, November 14th: Knowing what to expect from undergraduate research

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Spring 2023 Undergrad Supergroup

DATE/TIME: Thursdays approximately every three weeks during Spring 2023 semester from 4:00 – 5:00 pm. Pizza will be provided! Locations will vary for each event.

Thursday, February 2nd: Chemistry Trivia! Start out the semester with chemistry-related trivia and meet fellow students interested in the chemical sciences! Pizza will be provided. Location: North Tower of Chemistry, RM 2401.

Thursday, February 23nd: How to write effective abstracts for presentations & papers. Join us for an abstract writing workshop! Pizza will be provided. Location: North Tower of Chemistry, RM 2401.

Thursday, March 23nd: Alumni Career Panel. Hear from UW-Madison alumni about their career trajectory after graduating with a B.S. in Chemistry. Pizza will be provided. Location: North Tower of Chemistry, RM 2401.

Thursday, April 6th: Poster-making Workshop. Pizza will be provided. Location: North Tower of Chemistry, RM 2401.

Fall 2022 Undergrad Supergroup

Tuesday, September 20th: When to use what; CV vs. Resume/Grad school vs. Industry. Professional head shots will be taken for FREE that could be used for LinkedIn profiles, websites, etc. Two graduate students will talk about their experience of applying and working in industry/government before attending graduate school. Examples of application materials suited for industry vs. grad school will be discussed. Location: Chamberlin 2112.

Tuesday, October 18th: Research snapshots from two UW chemistry professors listed below. Location: Learning Studio, North Tower of Chemistry, RM 1435.

Prof. Susanna Widicus Weaver; “The Chemistry of the Universe” (unable to attend)

Prof. Tina Wang; “Engineering proteins with continuous directed evolution”

Tuesday, November 8th: No Smoke, No Mirrors: The Real Story Behind a Paper. Come hear three examples of how research projects take on nonlinear trajectories from graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in the Chemistry Department! Location: Learning Studio, North Tower of Chemistry, RM 1435.

Grace Lutovsky (Yoon group): “Fe(III) carboxylates enable a versatile platform for C–C, C–O, and C–N bond formation”

McKenna Goetz (Choi group): “Predictive control of selective secondary alcohol oxidation of glycerol on NiOOH: A peek behind the scenes”

Spencer Heins (Landis group): “One Reaction, One Table, One Year of Research: A Brief Story About Collecting Publication Quality Data”

Tuesday, December 6th: Undergraduate Research Presentations. Come listen to research presentations from current undergraduate researchers! Location: Learning Studio, North Tower of Chemistry, RM 1435.


Tuesday, December 15th: Cocoa and Cram.”  Come grab some hot cocoa and cookies while you take a break from studying for finals! Location: Learning Studio, North Tower of Chemistry, RM 1435.

Spring 2022 Undergrad Supergroup

DATE/TIME: Thursdays every three weeks during Spring 2022 semester from 12:00-1:00, Room 8335 Chemistry. Lunch will be provided!

Thursday, February 17th: Chemistry trivia! Come meet fellow undergraduate researchers and students interested in the chemical sciences. Everyone is invited—you do not need to have a team to participate.

Thursday, March 10th:You have the results…and now what? How to successfully share your research through writing.” Guest speaker Emily Bouza from the UW Writing Center will be sharing invaluable tips and tricks for improving your scientific writing process. Her slides can be found here. These skills can be applied to preparing posters, proposals, theses, and manuscripts for peer-reviewed publication.

Thursday, March 31st: Interested in what you can do with a B.S. in chemistry from UW–Madison? Alumna Lori Hoffman will be discussing her career path and professional experiences in the pharmaceutical industry. Lori is currently the Associate VP of Business & Product Development for Piramal Critical Care. She also volunteers for the Drug, Chemical, and Associated Technologies Association, having served on the Education Committee and Alliance for Industry Women Committee. Feel free to contact Lori at lahbadger@gmail.com if you have any questions for her!

Thursday, April 21st: Collaboration in chemistry research can bear fruitful rewards, especially when working with scientists in other fields and/or at other research institutions. It’s also a great opportunity to explore and develop novel research interests – nobody knows where their research path will take them over time! At this supergroup meeting, two UW chemistry professors will give brief talks highlighting how collaboration has been beneficial to their research programs. Please RSVP here.

Prof. Martin Zanni: “Cats but not dogs?  Primates but not cats?  Insights into the molecular mechanism of type 2 diabetes using ultrafast 2D IR spectroscopy”

Prof. Kyoung-Shin Choi: “Collaborative Materials Chemistry for the Sustainable Production of Fuels, Chemicals, and  Freshwater”

Fall 2021 Chemistry Journal Club

For information about Fall 2021’s Chemistry Journal Club, check out the Canvas site here.