CURB Members

Current CURB Members

Evan Jensen


Hello! I am a junior majoring in Chemistry. In January of 2020, I joined the Goldsmith Group where I have worked on a number of projects from computer simulations to designing and building a light-tight microscope table enclosure to single-mode optical fiber production. My current project involves using widefield fluorescence microscopy to investigate the release functions of Li+ ions from lithium cobalt oxide particles in a Li-ion-battery-like environment. I am happy to have had all of these experiences and would love to talk about them with anyone with questions!

Jasmine Machhi


Hi! I am a sophomore currently undecided in my major, but pursuing certificates in global health and Biocore. I joined the Cavaganero group in January 2020. My project investigates the conformational changes client proteins undergo during the chaperone folding cycle. I am so excited to be involved in research and would be glad to answer any questions about your interests in research!

Xindi Tang


Hi! I am a junior majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry with a certificate in Computer Sciences. I joined Dr. Lingjun Li’s lab in fall 2020. I am currently working with Andrew Zhu on studying collision-induced unfolding/dissociation pathways of protein complexes as well as identifying structural isomers of bio molecules with IM-MS. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about undergraduate research!

Max Unger


Hey! I’m a junior majoring in chemistry with certificates in physics and education & educational services. I joined the Martell Group in Feburary 2020 and have been working on the protein team since. My project looks at evolving enzymes to be able to degrade plastics (bioremediation-type work rooted in chemical biology, organic chemistry and biochemistry). Additionally, I’ve worked on subprojects that involve synthesising a mock-substrate for quantitive enzyme analysis. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about navigating undergraduate research!

Shuyi Zhang


Hi! I’m a junior double majoring in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. I joined the Boydston group in January 2020 and have been working on a few projects. My major focus is on Metal-Free Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization. Other than that, I’m also involved in studies about 3D printing. I really joined working as an undergraduate researcher and would love to help you out. Feel free to reach out if you are interested in undergraduate research.