Chemistry Undergraduate Research Board

The Chemistry Undergraduate Research Board, CURB, is a student board dedicated to improving, cultivating and expanding research opportunities for Undergraduates in the Department of Chemistry.  The board works closely with the Undergraduate Research Director to identify areas of improvement and to generate solutions towards increasing student involvement in research, fostering a strong community of student researchers in our department, and promoting the achievements of undergraduate researchers.

During the 2017-18 academic year, CURB:

held several workshops and social events including the Mentor Thank-You Cookies and Hot Chocolate Event, Intro to Research Workshops, and How to Generate an Effective Application for Graduate School.

held several office hours available to any student interested in discussing research

helped promote changes in the department such as a advocating for the new credit hour policy ( 1 credit hour = 3-4 hours of research/week/semester) and designing the new undergraduate research website

If interested in becoming involved, please consider applying to CURB.  Applications will be available at the end of March.

Student researcher looking through a microscope.
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There are no upcoming events at this time.

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Current CURB Members

Anna Allen


Hi! I’m a senior double majoring in biochemistry and French. I joined the Cavagnero group in January of 2019, and undergraduate research has been one of my favorite experiences during my time at UW! Our lab studies various aspects of protein folding and dynamics. My project involves genetically modifying the bacterial ribosome in order to enhance its function.

Grace Carlson


Hello! I am a junior majoring in Chemistry with certificates in German and Education & Educational Services.  I joined the Buller Lab in January of 2019.  As an undergraduate researcher I have been investigating the synthesis of β-hydroxy amino acids using enzymes. Please reach out if you have any questions or interest in undergraduate research!

Kevin England


Hello!  I’m a sophomore majoring in Microbiology.  I joined the Cavagnero Group in January 2018, and my project is probing the potential existence of “alternative native states” in proteins.  In other words, I am exploring the plasticity of polypeptide native state conformations with the hypothesis that other native states may exist with the same primary structure.  Research has taught me a lot and brought me a lot of excitement, and since I’m fairly new to this myself, please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss joining a lab early on in your undergraduate studies!

Nicholas Juntunen


Hi! I’m a junior majoring in chemistry. I joined the Brunold Group in March of 2019. Since then, I have been investigating the structure and activity of a thiol dioxygenase by creating protein variants and running spectroscopic and activity studies on them. I’m excited about research and would be happy to field any questions you might have about getting involved!

Michael Kuehne


Hello! I am a senior majoring in Chemistry and Environmental Studies. I joined the Blackwell Group in September of 2018. My research has centered around synthesizing and testing organic molecules with which to modulate bacterial communication systems (widely referred to as quorum sensing), specifically those of the Gram-negative bacteria Burkholderia multivorans and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Undergraduate research has given me so much throughout my undergraduate career, and I would love chat about research with anyone interested. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about getting involved!

Jasmine Machhi


Hi! I am a sophomore currently undecided in my major, but pursuing certificates in global health and Biocore. I joined the Cavaganero group in January 2020. My project investigates the conformational changes client proteins undergo during the chaperone folding cycle. I am so excited to be involved in research and would be glad to answer any questions about your interests in research!

Former CURB Members 2020

Sean Huth


Heya! I’m a junior majoring in chemistry with a physics minor. I have been performing research in the Gellman group since my sophomore year on the synthesis and characterization of Nylon-3 polymers as host-defense peptide mimics. I’m currently working on fluorescent tagging of said polymers. Research has been the most rewarding experience of my undergraduate career so far, and I encourage you to come to CURB office hours if you have any questions relating to getting involved with undergraduate research!

Yeon Jung Kim


I am a Junior majoring in Chemistry and I’m doing research in the Stahl group which I joined my second semester. My project is optimizing conditions for electrocatalytic imine oxidation to form azine which is an intermediate for hydrazine synthesis. During my second-year summer, I did a research internship working on oxygen evolution reactions at Technical University of Munich, Germany. Please stop by our office hours if you have any questions about research in UW-Madison or abroad!

Eleanor Landwehr


Hi! My name is Eleanor Landwehr and I am a senior majoring in chemical engineering.  I have worked in the Schomaker Group since the fall of my sophomore year and since joining have worked on multiple projects.  I am currently working on optimizing a palladium catalyzed allene cylcloisomerization reaction to synthesize densely functionalized cyclopentenes.  Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions related to research!

Aditya Singh


Hi! I’m a sophomore who’s double majoring in Chemistry and Computer Science and doing a certificate in Physics. I have been working in the Yethiraj group since freshman year, and I run a lot of MD simulations on proteins and polymers. I am also researching in the McDermott Group at the Physics Department, where I work on optimizing the real time measurements of superconducting qubits. Please feel free come by during office hours if you have any questions related to research!

Former CURB members 2019

Tess Carlson


Tess graduated with a degree in Chemistry and certificates in German and Education. She conducted research on native protein folding in a cellular context for 3.5 years with the Cavagnero Group. Tess will be attending Stanford University for graduate school to obtain her MA in Education and teacher certification for high school science.

Fatima Nizamuddin


Hello everyone! I am a junior working in the Brunold lab and am currently working on studying how the structure of Cysteine dioxygenase relates to the turnover of cysteine into important biomolecules. If you have any questions related to finding a research group that fits your interests, then please feel free to stop by during office hours!

Soren Rozema


I am a senior double majoring in chemistry and Pharmacology/Toxicology currently doing research in the lab of Prof. Jennifer Golden. I have been involved in research for over five years now! I am involved in a medicinal chemistry project where I investigate the novel antiparasitic agents. I am also developing a methodology to generate potent antiviral agents. Any students interested in learning more about organic chemistry research should come to my office hours!

Isabelle Tigges-Green


Hello all! I am a senior majoring in Chemistry and Spanish. I have been doing research in the Zanni Group since the spring semester of 2017, developing a new method of functionalizing nanopatterned graphene sheets. Additionally, I spent the spring semester of 2018 working with Dr. Hill developing the Buchwald-Hartwig reaction for use in Chemistry 346. If you have any questions about research and finding a group, please drop by office hours!

Pajean Uchupalanun


Hi! I’m a senior double majoring in Chemistry and Industrial Engineering. I have been doing research in the Hermans group for over 3 years; my projects have ranged from computational modeling and performing electronic structure calculations, to catalytic synthesis and performing spectroscopy. I have also spent summer internships in the R&D department of a consumer goods company. 

Former CURB members 2018

Alex Chartier

Alex majored in Biology, as well as completing a certificate in entrepreneurship. He worked in Professor Sam Gellman’s lab since his freshman year with Geoffrey Eddinger where he investigate utilizing non-natural peptide oligomers to disrupt Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha binding.  Alex is currently in Medical School at UW-Madison.

Michael Chemello


Michael graduated with majors in Spanish and chemistry.  He conducted research in the Smith Group since his freshman year working on developing a method in which nanowires are used to sequence mRNA to improve the identification of proteoforms. He recently accepted a position at PPD where he will start working this summer.

Elizabeth 'Liz' Evans


Liz graduated with a degree in Chemistry.  She transferred to UW-Madison her Junior year and promptly started work in the Hamers Research Group where she worked on optimizing the synthesis of nano-rubies for bio-imaging. Liz will be working for Covance as an associate analytical chemist in food solutions starting this summer.

Isaac Mades

Isaac worked with Professor Steve Burke conducting synthetic organic chemistry and with emeritus Prof. Frank Weinhold doing computational research.  He graduated with a chemistry degree and is currently working in the Peace Corps.

Amirah Syamila Mat Lani

Majoring in Chemistry, Amirah worked in several research group, including the Schomaker lab where she synthesized analogs of Eflornithine, a treatment for sleeping sickness and pneumonia commonly contracted by AIDS patient, the Hermans group and with a palm oil company in Malaysia. Amirah is currently a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry at UW-Madison

Efrey Noten


Graduating with a degree in chemistry, Efrey conducting four years of research in the Berry group where he synthesized transition metal catalysts to study their reactivity in important synthetic organic reactions. He also interned at two biotechnology companies as an undergraduate student.  He will be attending graduate school at University of Michigan in the Fall.

Hailey Thompson


Hailey majored in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Spanish.  She was a member of the Blackwell research group where she conducted experiments that investigate the mechanisms of quorum sensing in bacteria.  She also had the opportunity to work at Exact Sciences as a research lab technician while a student at UW-Madison.  Hailey will be attending Pharmacy School at UW-Madison starting in the Fall.